Use the Employee Access form to request employee ID cards, B-Level access cards, Idiscs, and office keys for the facilities.

The form must be completed in full and signed by both the employee and the employee's supervisor. The form can be submitted by fax to 402-444-5088, inter-office mail or brought to our office.

The person to whom these items are assigned must sign for them and is responsible for them. If the employee leaves employment, the items must be returned to the Building Commission. They are not transferable and should not be loaned or given to another person under any circumstances.

Lost Cards, IDiscs, and Office Keys

If you are unable to locate your parking garage access card, Idisc, office key(s) or employee photo identification card, please notify the Building Commission Office immediately at 402-444-5345.

To request a replacement B-Level access card, building key(s) or, Idisc, submit one of the Request for Building Access Card, Keys and ID card forms. The employee must sign the form; however, it is not necessary to have the supervisor sign the form again for replacement items.

Replace Photo I.D. or Access Card (A-Level or 1910 Harney):

If you need to replace your employee photo identification badge or your garage access card, please call the Building Commission Office at 402-444-5345.

Fees for Replacement Items:

  • Access Cards $20.00
  • Idiscs $20.00
  • Keys $10.00
  • Employee I.D. $10.00

Damaged cards, Idiscs, and keys should be brought to the Building Commission Office for replacement.